Design Process
     What distinguishes Hansen Architects is how we do and do not use computer aided design. While fully capable of drafting on the computer, we do not believe that during design, using the computer is the best way to visualize a building's potential. Instead we are able to compose hand drawn perspective sketches with two major benefits. First, it reduces the architectural fee because hand drawings take only minutes compared with days for a 3-D computer rendering. Second, being able to hand-sketch shows that the architect can think and compose fluently in three dimensions; visualizing spatial relations while in conversation with the client, on site or in the office, without having to rely on the distant and homogenizing process of computer mediation. Using a more fluid visual method during design increases the chances of achieving an attractive, non-formulaic result tailored to each client's taste.                                                       
      Our creative approach is complimented by excellent problem solving skills, technical proficency and extensive construction experience. We have maximized the buildable potential of the most difficult sites and obtained permits for complex waterfront lots, tight urban parcels, unusual soils, steep slopes, and building in the flood plain. We have worked successfully with the most meticulous Community Review Boards including those in the Annapolis Historic District and Sherwood Forest, Maryland. Once the design is approved by the client, we bring computers into the process by loading the plans and elevations into AutoCAD. AutoCAD is by far the most commonly used software in the building industry so our projects can easily interface with engineers, consultants and suppliers. With over 27 years of experience, we are able to assemble comprehensive building specifications which allow your project to be competitively bid and come in on budget. We are experts at managing the competitive bidding process, typically saving our clients more money than our total architectural fee.